VR for Artists

Learn to wield immersive creative tools
– Short course in VR as an artist tool!


Starting in London: Feb 24/25/26 & March 3/4th 2020

Course leads: Sean Rodrigo

Course length: A 5 x 3 hour evening course starting at 6pm.



This is a hands on foundation course focused on teaching you how to create art, concept illustration and 3D models using powerful VR creative tools.


Explain your ideas faster, prototype concepts without the usual cost and communicate more clearly using all three dimensions, not just a 2D screen.


In just 5×3 hour sessions you will learn to use Virtual Reality as a creative artist’s tool – to paint environments and sculpt objects with your hands (not keyboard), and learn how to extend your creation online and in other media.


This course is for beginners and intermediate students – you don’t need a high level of technology, students with artistic/design backgrounds will have an advantage.



Course Content:


  • Introduction to Creative XR and how to use it to create with immersive tools.
  • Creating a concept artwork – A landscape, a costume, a statue.
  • Create a concept, a pitch – Kitbashing a prop in virtual reality
  • Creating designs for use in Augmented Reality
  • Possible Pathways – Location based XR, B2B applications and Oculus Quest.


Great for:


  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Artists (Contemporary and digital)
  • Creative thinkers
  • Designers and Animators
  • Film makers
  • Game designers / Developers
  • Professional Development


Practical applications:


  • Concept your ideas in 3d space quickly and cheaply.
  • Product development – Sculpting ideas
  • 3d Printing
  • Planning set builds
  • XR or Immersive projects – Roomscale experiences
  • Brainstorming sessions with clients and/or creatives.
  • Creating concept art.
  • Storyboarding a filmed VR or 2d production
  • Create whitecard models for an interactive or gaming project



Tuition Fees: £1,800