VFX Pipeline explainer


  • Online explainer module
  • What is the VFX Pipeline
  • What do key terms mean?
  • Assets & Environment
  • Team Communications
  • Just 35 minutes long


Follow this explainer module and hear industry experienced VFX Producer Rory Knight-Jones telling you what he wished he’d known about the standard VFX Pipeline.


Using his experience from MPC, FrameStore, D-Neg and Milk VFX, Rory will demystify the overall VFX pipeline talking about both asset creation and environment development.  He will show how these develop in tandem, the role of departments who feed in along the way and give technical insight into how VFX are made.


To save you asking those embarrassing questions, Rory includes glossary terms to gives definition to words heard in an everyday VFX production environment and describes his approach to ensuring the team operates efficiently from day to day.


The module is online, so once you sign up you will receive an access link so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can view it in your own time.


Price £49.99