Using VR to win business


How to win over clients with powerful immersive tools  –  Short course in creative uses of XR.
  • Starting in London: March 9/10/11 & 16/17th 2020
  • Course leads: Sean Rodrigo
  • Course length: A 5 x 3 hour evening course starting at 6pm.


Learn the art of winning clients through immersive content in this first of a kind XR focused creative pitching short course. Learn how to immerse your clients in virtual worlds, pitch concepts by hand painting ideas and plan shoots within a headset before even stepping foot on a set.


If you have ever wished you could sell an idea to the client by letting them walk inside the concept art, agree on a product design before a single build takes place or storyboard a 2D or VR shoot in 3D – this is the course for you!

 – Sean Rodrigo – Course Leader


This hands on course is focused on teaching you how to pitch using these powerful creative tools. Explain your ideas more quickly, prototype concepts without the usual cost and communicate more clearly using all three dimensions, not just a 2D screen.


In just 5 sessions you will learn to use Virtual Reality as a tool for creative communication, one you can use to design with your hands (not keyboard), and apply to your creation using Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality technologies.


This course is an intermediate course for anyone with experience in digital technology / software and experienced professionals.


Course Content:


  • Introduction to Creative XR and how to use it to win clients
  • Communicating ideas using Virtual Reality (360 storyboards and spatial concept art)
  • Whiteboxing in VR – Creating concepts for experiences, pre-visualising ad shoots and
  • Animate a simple 3D animation scene in VR for export as a video.
  • Export an animated scene from VR for AR consumption (8thWall)
  • Export an animated VR scenes (YouTube, Facebook and 3DOF content)
  • Possible Futures – Location based XR, B2B applications and Oculus Quest and Magic Leap.


Additional components could include:


  • Sketch your ideas in 3D (Google Tilt Brush)
  • Sculpt a 3D character using Virtual Reality (Masterpiece or Medium)
  • Collaborating with clients in VR from any location (popup stores, POS displays, product launches, convention booths and more)
  • Sharing XR content online – for those with and without headsets.
  • XR Experimentation sessions – Open session to experiment with tools.
  • Export animations for other platforms including – Unity, Maya and viewing on YouTube via cardboard VR and AR application platforms


Great for:


  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Producers and Creatives
  • Designers
  • Film makers
  • Game designers / Developers
  • Professional Development


Practical applications:


  • Concept your ideas in 3D space quickly and cheaply.
  • Selling in XR or Immersive projects
  • Brainstorming sessions with clients and/or creatives.
  • Creating skamps, treatments or concept art for campaigns.
  • Pre Visualise a shoot without rendering time
  • Plan and pitch a dangerous, time sensitive or unproven creative concept with 3D animation.
  • Storyboarding a filmed VR or 2D production
  • Create whitecard models for an interactive or gaming project

Tuition Fees: £1,800