The UGLA Games QA course


  • Professional, 6-week, QA course
  • Start a real career in video games
  • Solve problems, find bugs
  • Contribute to a team
  • Learn a vital games discipline

Why take our word for it though, here’s Tom, a real-life tester and one of our tutors telling you himself:

And, if you need any help convincing people it’s a real career, here’s a version Tom recorded for them too:



During the break, we joined forces with bona fide games makers Utopian Game Labs Academy (UGLA) to develop a turbo charged games QA course, one that has been designed specifically to give you the skills required to start or transfer into a career in the games industry.


We’re delighted to introduce the UGLA Vocational Video Games QA Course.


Quality Assurance (QA) is a great entry role into games and a vital discipline in software development, oh and, video game testing is also a lot of fun.


What’s unique about our six-week course?


Well, it’s:

  • Been developed by a team of professional video game makers, testers and experienced tutors.
  • Specifically designed to suit anyone looking for a career pathway into the video games industry.
  • Packed full of direct, verifiable, practical experience
  • Accessible to all; whether you’re working, studying or somewhere in-between.
  • Open to everyone regardless of background or location.
  • Run as online video tutorials, downloads and assignments.
  • Includes actual work on real games, and live tutor sessions five days a week.
  • Plus – No previous experience is necessary – we teach you everything you need to know…
  • and you’re guaranteed a job interview after completion.

What you might not know is that one of the more positive effects of lockdown is rapid growth within the video games industry and this means the sector is hiring! In fact, according to Games Jobs Live, there are more than 2,000 game vacancies in UK alone.


To enrol or have a conversation with the UGLA tutors – please click here