Sylvan Dieckmann is an experienced CG Artist and VFX Supervisor. He has worked in visual effects production and research and development on a large number of projects, including In the Heart of the Sea (Ron Howard), Interstellar (Christopher Nolan), Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron) and the Harry Potter franchise.


An experienced FX Technical Director, Sylvan’s focus at LightForge Academy is to demonstrate how to produce a wide variety of shot elements that simulate physical phenomena such as earth, wind, fire and water.  Drawing on his real-life experience, he is perfectly placed to inspire graduates and creatively direct them in the complexity involved in producing the detailed volumes, fluids and destruction sequences often found in VFX.


Sylvan started his career at Studio Mimetica in Brisbane, Australia before moving to London where he has worked at studios including Baseblack, Framestore, Double Negative, Milk and Lipsync post. Sylvan has also spent time working at Weta in New Zealand.