Paul Ducker

We have received the sad news of Paul’s passing and send love and support to his family.


Paul Ducker was an award-winning technical artist with a strong film background and credits including; Inception (Christopher Nolan), The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan), Fast and Furious (Justin Lin), Resident Evil (Paul W S Anderson) and the Harry Potter franchise.


He had experience in a wide range of software and disciplines, and enjoyed applying a cinematic aesthetic to his work.  With filmmaking often requiring pragmatic problem solving, Paul brought to LightForge Academy actual examples of this in action and a deep knowledge of both the compositing and coding technologies that underpin daily production.


Paul’s career has progressed through roles including Crowd/Lighting Consultant, Lighting Technical Director, Senior Look Development Artist and CG lead.  He has worked at a range of visual effects houses including Azure VFX, Cinesite, Prime Focus, Lipsync Post, and Double Negative.