Motion Graphics Artist


  • Intro Cinema4D & After Effects
  • The Motion Graphics process
  • Animation & Rendering
  • Lighting & Texturing
  • 8 weeks, full time

“Here’s your opportunity to finally step into the world of Motion Design!  From user interface shortcuts, basic keyframe animation, C4D mograph RnD all the way to final look development, this course will give you an aerial view on major aspects of Cinema 4D & After Effects.” David Ellis – Course leader



Learn the fundamentals required for a career in Motion Design using Cinema 4D and After Effects.  Our course covers the motion graphics process from bringing a static flat design to life through to 3D rendering.  You will learn to animate taking into account how different requirements affect movement.  You will then see how lighting and texturing can bring your model to life then how to push them even further using After Effects.


  • Course length – 8 weeks, full time
  • Course Lead – David Ellis


Course Content

  • Introduction to Cinema4D
  • Understanding 3D Objects
  • Basic Modelling Techniques
  • Cameras and Integration with After Effects
  • Mograph
  • Mograph Physics
  • Understanding Soft/Rigid Bodies
  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Rendering
  • Taking Project from Cinema4D and adding Final Touches in After Effects


Leading to careers as

  • Motion Design
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • After FX Artist
  • Mograph Design
  • Cinema 4D Artist

Tuition Fees: £5,975