Houdini FX

  • A hands-on 6-Week Course.
  • Develop into a shot ready FX TD.
  • Learn how to simulate physical phenomena – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water…
  • A general introduction to Houdini detailing the architecture, workflows and language.


FX Technical Directors produce a wide variety of shot elements that simulate physical phenomena such as earth, wind, fire and water. An FX TD has to manage the complexity involved in producing the detailed volumes, fluids and destruction sequences often found in VFX. All this must be balanced with a good sense of timing, artistic flair and a keen eye for detail in observing the natural world.


LightForge’s Houdini Visual Effects Course is an intense 6-week program that provides a basic introduction to Houdini and FX work in general. FX artistry is a complex task that requires management of very large sets of data that can be generated when doing certain types of sequences. This course will provide a general introduction to Houdini itself, the architecture, the workflows and language.


Due to the complexity and variety of areas that Houdini provides solutions for this course will focus on covering a strong introduction to the underlying features of the software and how these are used throughout all areas. This is followed by a brief introduction to each of the key FX related types of simulation and their usage in shot.


An effective FX TD is part artist, part technician, with a strong set of skills for breaking down problems into procedural workflows and managing data and geometry. When combined with good timing and a sense of space and colour, beautiful rich content can be produced. This is highly valued in VFX and this course will cover effective workflows to produce detailed content, solve problems effectively using the underlying features and produce elements that are efficient, allowing you to confidently pursue the areas that interest you the most.


You will have out-of-class access to the facilities so, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can put in extra hours when needed. After the course we’ll help you perfect your showreel, plan a fulfilling career path and find potential employers.


Our tutors have extensive industry experience and you’ll also be given a project and get feedback from a professional currently working in the VFX industry.



  • Houdini 17.5 (Linux)
  • Speedtree Cinema with asset library (Linux)
  • Photoshop CC (windows)
  • Nuke (Linux)
  • Linux Centos 6.5
  • Windows 7 professional
  • Access to www.textures.com


What jobs might I qualify for as a FX TD Alumni?
  • FX Technical Director
  • Motion Graphics TD


Entry Requirements

Aged 18 or over, a good understanding of written and spoken English. The course is designed as a post 12-week Maya 3D VFX bolt on.