10 things you didn’t know about a career in games

  1. 2.2 billion people play games worldwide

    The sale of games is now higher than both music and video combined. The number of players is expected to increase even further; meaning now is a phenomenal time to be looking for a career in the world of making games. Across the globe, companies are actively seeking out artistic and tech-competent individuals to hire into this field of the creative industry that is constantly growing, and evolving at rapid pace.

  2.  Games is less focused on London than much of screen industry

    56% of games companies in the UK are based outside of London – much more than other fields of the screen industry, such as VFX, where less than 10% of UK companies are based outside of London. Whilst the chance to work in London will be exciting for many, this statistic demonstrates that now is a great period of growth for regional creative industries,meaning more opportunities are available to creative individuals all over the country.

  3. 149 of games companies are in Yorkshire

    Yorkshire is one particular region that forms a huge part of the expansion of the creative industries. A new creative network is taking shape, making the region a global hub for film, television, and, of course, games. The network consists of exciting companies from all corners of the industry, such as Channel 4’s new HQ in Leeds, and LightForge Academy, the new, industry-led learning environment in Doncaster for artistic graduates looking for a fulfilling career in all things creative.

  4. A career in Games provides the opportunity to combine art with STEM subjects

    Whether you are passionate about creative subjects, STEM, or are indeed an all-rounder, joining the games sector allows for the perfect fusion of the two. As so much of education may focus on one or the other, and especially as there is increasing pressure on students to undertake STEM subjects, the Games industry is proud to offer exciting and inspiring careers that satisfy both disciplines.

  5. The 7 areas of gaming

    Within the world of gaming, there are 7 different fields to explore: Production, Art, Animation, Audio, Design, Programming and Quality Assurance. There is something to suit every individual’s skills, as well as the opportunity for a flexible career between disciplines in the sector.

  6. The UK games industry is predicted to grow £8billion between 2018 and 2022

    Games-making houses in the UK are in high demand, and have gained a reputation as some of the best companies of their kind in the world. It is no surprise, then that they are growing at such an unprecedented rate and82% of these games companies are looking to expand their workforce in that time.

  7. UK will have the largest and fastest growing VR Hardware market in Western Europe

    The presence of Virtual Reality has increased immensely in the last decade, and is the UK’s fastest growing entertainment and media sector, on average growing 34% per annum. As games producers continue to explore the best ways to integrate VR technology into gaming, such companies are actively seeking individuals with an artistic eye and a familiarity with the tech to support them in their leadership of the VR industry.

  8. European games industry professionals rate the UK as the place in Europe where both the best games are made today and the best games will be made in 5 years’ time

    One of the most exciting aspects of a career in games production is all the global opportunities. Companies all over the world – France, USA, Canada and Australia, to name but a few – are creating inspiring and award-winning games. Within the whole of Europe, however, professionals have dubbed the UK as the best and most promising country for games production. The world-class training taking place in the UK, such as at LightForge Academy, can set you up with a strong base for a games career anywhere, whether on home ground, or abroad.

  9. Overall in 2016, the UK games industry provided 47,620 FTE jobs.

    The field continuing to rapidly grow in supply and demand, and is looking to draw in new talent from all over the country to take the UK gaming industry to even greater heights. Alongside the increase in presence from all sides of the creative industries in the North of England, the creation of LightForge Academy will bring a real opportunity to the area and especially to Doncaster. LightForge is passionate about bringing new jobs and new access to creative careers to both students and professionals.

  10. Famous games made in the UK

    Did you know that many of the world’s most successful games have been produced here, in the UK? 10 examples of the best-known British-made games are: 2 Point Hospital, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Football Manager, Golden Eye 007, Worms, Harry Potter Games, Driver, Donkey Kong, Lego Star Wars and Sniper Elite. As more and more successful, and even award-winning games come out of the UK, now is an incredibly exciting period of growth for the gaming industry, and a great time to be joining the industry.

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*All stats come from UKIE.