10 things you didn’t know about a career VFX in the UK

  1. There are hundreds of different careers available

    Did you know that the creative industries in the UK are experiencing a massive skills gap? 1.2 million dynamic jobs in the industry will need to be filled by 2022. So many of these jobs could lead to inspiring new opportunities and an accomplished, exciting career in film, games and TV. Within VFX alone, there are endless career options to suit each individual’s strengths – from concept artistry to lighting to animation. VFX is a fast-growing field in the creative industries, and is actively seeking out new talent.

  2. Lots of new projects are being commissioned in the UK

    Though the plots may be set elsewhere, Netflix, Amazon and Disney are all increasingly commissioning inspiring film and television projects in the UK. From the likes of the latest remake of the Jungle Book (2016) to the Amazon series Hanna (2019), VFX houses in the UK are in high demand and have gained a reputation as some of the best creative technology companies in the world.

  3. You don’t necessarily need to have done a VFX degree – just be creative!

    An artistic eye is one of the top traits that companies look for when recruiting into the VFX industry. Any qualification that allows a student to demonstrate their creativity means that there is a role for them: Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design… any demonstrated appreciation of art and design will take you far in the industry.

  4. There’s a massive need for tech-savvy creative individuals to join the industry

    The rise in demand for VFX specialists means that there is a skills gap, one that needs to be filled by young people who are both artistic and comfortable with technology. The rapid pace of technical change means that even newly acquired skills can quickly become out of date –  this exciting period of change and growth means now is the best time to get on board.

  5. Now is a great time for regional creative industries

    The creative industries are expanding into more regional areas, meaning more opportunities are available to creative individuals across the country. As Channel 4 moves its HQ up to Leeds, alongside the creation of LightForge Academy, the industry-led learning environment in Doncaster, a new creative ecosystem in South Yorkshire is forming, and will make the region a global hub for film and television.

  6. The industry wants to give back and new talent courses are now heavily industry-led

    As the UK VFX sector has seen so much success in the last few years, the industry now wants to give back, and courses in the field are now much more industry-led. For example, LightForge is run by people from the industry and their tutors are industry professionals who still work in the sector, giving students real world experiences and training. The academy bridges the gap between academic learning and creative careers, mentoring students from the first steps to finding dream jobs.

  7. VFX offers a real career opportunity

    Since 1995, the VFX budget of global blockbuster films has grown from around 10% to anywhere between 20–50% (Source: BFI). In the early 1990’s ground breaking VFX heavy feature films like, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) and Jurassic Park (1993), each contained around 50 VFX shots. The 2018 release Avengers: Infinity War has 3,000 shots; and it’s the same story for most of today’s Science Fiction/Adventure movies.  The global VFX market is expected to grow 13% per annum to reach around USD 20 billion by 2024. (Source: Zion Research)

  8. VFX is a global industry

    A career in VFX can take you all around the world – with large studio networks and talented individuals based in the USA, China, Australia, India and beyond, and film and TV shoots happening everywhere VFX is truly a global industry. The world can become your oyster by starting your journey in the UK with world-class training at LightForge Academy.

  9. The industry is made up of countless exciting people that can lead to all kinds of opportunity

    VFX is just one big part of an even bigger production. Within film, there are directors, producers, actors, casting directors, set designers, production and costume designers, the list goes on… by being part of these projects, you open yourself to a whole world of inspiring professionals who are just as passionate about film and television as you are. Relationship can be key and simply working alongside one great creative can lead to all kinds of other opportunities within the industry.

  10. VFX Oscar and BAFTA Winning films made in the UK

    Countless films with British-produced VFX have been nominated for Oscars and BAFTAs. Some made in recent years that have won the Academy Awards and BAFTAs for Best Visual Effects include Inception (2010), Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014), Ex Machina (2015) and Jungle Book (2016). With the unparalleled growth of the VFX industry in the UK, who knows how many more films could win the award, or who will be working on them…

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Images courtesy The Weinstein Company.   VFX by BlueBolt