FORGE A NEW PATH YOUR BRIDGE TO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES REGISTER Due to the spread of Covid 19 the LightForge Academy is now developing a range of online courses. Our first online course is an Introduction to Production Accounting. PRODUCTION ACCOUNTING


Did you know that the UK Creative industries are struggling with a massive skills gap?  By 2022, we need to fill 1.2 million jobs in dynamic global businesses.  Many of these are jobs that could give you exciting new opportunities and a fulfilling career. With a little training you could find yourself working on blockbusting feature films, the next gaming sensation or hit TV dramas, like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. LightForge Academy is a new, dedicated learning environment for creative industries graduates. It is industry focused and led and its ambition is to work closely with its graduates and help them to find jobs in their chosen sector. Our courses respond directly to industry skills requirements and bridge the gap between academic learning and working life by nurturing individuals and mentoring them in how to manage their career paths, from first steps to dream jobs.

Career Path

At LightForge Academy, industry professionals deliver vocational, relevant in-depth training to graduates.  We foster an immersive, nurturing and focussed environment where we challenge you to hone your craft, learn essential soft skills and plan a fulfilling career path.  You will achieve this under the watchful eye of inspirational tutors who have a record of succeeding in today’s dynamic creative technology driven entertainment world.


LightForge Academy is 5 minutes walk from Doncaster station, 90 minutes from London Kings X and easily accessible via excellent travel connections to Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and beyond.

LightForge is committed to developing people across the North and wider regions and will offer a range of in-classroom and online activities.


LightForge Academy is an inspiring space designed with creative learning in mind.  Our technical infrastructure mirrors a viable studio environment which enables our students to understand and get the best out of the tools, systems and processes that become the foundation of their future careers. 


From visual effects, compositing and animation to production accounting and other key disciplines within the Film, TV and Games industries, we have developed courses that build on what you know, enhance your technical knowledge and teach you essential soft skills, that will help you secure that all important job. All of this will give you the insight to choose your most fulfilling career path within this exciting, dynamic and growing sector.


At LightForge Academy we want to help you to understand where your strengths lie, and suggest what career is best suited to you based on these.  We have developed a series of courses that challenge you to hone your technical craft, and teach you the all-important soft skills that help you advance your careers as part of a wider team.  We are serious about giving you your first steps into the industry, and work closely with it to keep up to date on skills requirements to ensure our courses reflect their needs, or to quickly develop new courses to meet the ever-changing creative media landscape.

  • Motion Graphics Artist

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Intro Cinema4D & After Effects
    • The Motion Graphics process
    • Animation & Rendering
    • Lighting & Texturing
    • Watch Course Trailer
    • May 2020, Doncaster
  • Games QA Tester

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Learn bug finding
    • Reporting & fixing
    • Professional Industry tutors
    • Soft skills and how to work in a team
    • 9 week intensive course
    • May 2020, Doncaster
  • Junior Python Coder

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Fundamentals of Python
    • Etiquette & Conventions
    • Practical principles
    • Working with other Software
    • Control and deployment
    • May 2020, Doncaster
  • Production Accounting

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Focus your accounting knowledge on Film & TV
    • Learn how to be a production accountant
    • Taught by industry professionals
    • Sponsored by Mammoth Screen
    • Sponsored by Studio Lambert
    • Learn online
    • Watch Course Trailer
  • Register your interest

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • VR
    • 3D
    • Artist – Houdini and Maya
    • 2D Artist – Nuke
    • Unreal Engine
  • Advanced Python for VFX

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Course running in central Doncaster location
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • UI design
    • The Operating System
    • Understanding of key APIs
    • 23rd March, Doncaster
  • VR for Artists

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Introduction to Creative XR
    • Learn to create with immersive tools.
    • Creating a concept artwork
    • Create a concept a pitch
    • Creating designs for use in AR
    • 5 x 3 hrs, London / Doncaster
  • Using VR to win business

    • ***BOOKING NOW***
    • Introduction to Creative XR
    • Use it to win clients
    • Communicate ideas using VR
    • Exporting VR scenes
    • Future Applications
    • 5 x 3 hrs London / Doncaster


Your course will be led by one of our team of inspirational Industry professionals.  Our wide network of experts all complement learning from existing University courses by drawing on their own direct success and experience in today’s dynamic creative media industries.  In order to ensure our experts stay up to date with developments in creative technology and production process, the tutor line-up changes depending on their creative aspirations and production schedules.  


Paul Ducker


Jacob Howells-Jones


David Ellis

  Images by ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’

  Images by ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’



Roland Brown


Alistair Maclean-Clark


Graham Harris


Sophie Trainor


David Pitman


Roland Brown


Mark Cass

Lee Danskin

Jenny Cooper

Nick Smith

John Stopforth